MULTI-USE Copper Sulfate Crystals
----Copper Sulfate---- ----------10lb-------- (Fine)

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 10 Pound Bag Copper Sulfate Fine

This is 100% Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Fine.  It has NO EPA label on it and therefore no claims to do anything that is EPA controled--- (Algae Control, Fungicide, Bordeaux Mix or Killing Roots). It is just 100% Copper Sulfate from Old Bridge Chemical Co.


Made in the USA!!!

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All of the sizes of EPA and NON EPA labeled Copper Sulfate that we sell are the same chemically---100% Copper Sulfate (CuSo4)---the  difference is the label:

All of the 50 Pounds bags with EPA Label that we sell have an EPA approved number on the bag.  There are full instructions on the bag to do all that our site talks about.  These products are to be purchased if you plan on using the Copper Sulfate for Algae Control, Killing Roots, Fungicide or Bordeaux Mix.

All sizes of Copper Sulfate that do NOT have the EPA label on them have NO CLAIMS for Algae Control, Killing Roots, Fungicide, or Bordeaux Mix.  If you are purchasing any of these NON EPA labeled products, it is just simply labeled "Copper Sulfate - Feed Grade" or "Copper Sulfate - Ag Grade" and is to be used for the dozens of other non-EPA uses for Copper Sulfate listed under our "Other Uses" page.

When placing an order, the purchaser acknowledges they have taken full responsibility to check and follow local, state and federal regulations regarding application of copper sulfate.  Also, the purchaser assumes responsibility to follow proper handling and safety requirements for the product. The seller is not to be held accountable for any incidents of bodily or environmental harm due to improper handling.