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copper sulfate small texture

Copper Sulfate Small 50lb Bag

SKU: Cuso4Small-EPA50

This is 99% Pure Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate small crystals 50 lb bag or commonly referred to as blue vitriol.  Some of our customers have asked for a larger blue crystal than our standard mini-crystal or copper sulfate fine crystals---this is the product!  Looks like small gravel or 3-5 MM compared to the powder that is copper sulfate fine. 


Great as a root killer for your septic lines, bordeaux mixtures as a fungicde, and for your lakes or ponds as an algae killer!


This is Quimag brand and is shipped in a box and delivered by FedEx.  This is perfect for killing algae control, algal blooms in ponds or lakes, root killer for tree roots in septic systems, and even making a bordeaux mixture to fight fungus in the garden. We have a briquette sized copper sulfate if this size is too small for you.  Take a look at our product details for the Copper Sulfate Large 50lb Bag!  If this product is too big we also offer our Copper Sulfate Fine Crystal 50lb Bag!


EPA number 073385-MEX-001

(Sold in California under Earthworkshealth Pesticide Broker License #40217) 


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