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copper sulfate large texture

Copper Sulfate Large 50lb Bag

SKU: Cuso4Large-EPA50

Our 99% pure Copper Sulfate Pentahydrate Large Crystals come in a convenient 50lb bag, making it our largest crystal size, comparable to a dime at 7+ MM. This top-quality product is branded as Quimag and is shipped securely in a box, delivered straight to your doorstep via FedEx.

If you're looking for more product details about Copper Sulfate, check out our dedicated page, "What is Copper Sulfate," for detailed insights.


This potent formula, with an EPA number of 073385-MEX-001 and sold in California under Earthworkshealth Pesticide Broker License #40217, has numerous applications. You can simply grow lovely blue crystals from Copper Sulfate powder, adding a touch of beauty to your projects. Visit our sister site for a guide on growing these stunning blue crystals.


Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Copper Sulfate is a powerful solution for household and gardening challenges. It can effectively kill roots clogging septic tank pipes, flush down the toilet, and treat drains every two weeks to maintain clean pipeline systems and toilets.


To remove old tree stumps, bore a hole and insert Copper Sulfate until packed. After several weeks, the Copper Sulfate will have rotted the stump away, making it easy to remove. You can also use Copper Sulfate fine to mix a bordeaux mix for blight apple scab leaf curl treatment.


Moreover, Copper Sulfate solution doubles as an organic bordeaux mix for blight apple scab leaf treatment and a wood and canvas preservative, preventing dry rot and extending the life of your outdoor structures. With its versatility and effectiveness, Copper Sulfate is a valuable addition to any home or garden maintenance toolkit.

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