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2 gallon Pump Sprayer Zoomed

2 Gallon Hand Pump Sprayer

SKU: PmpSpr

Use to apply a copper sulfate and water mixture or a Bordeaux mixture (copper sulfate & calcium hydroxide) as fungicides, algaecides, moss control solution. You can also use it to spray wood fences and lumber to extend the life and durability of the treated wood.

The Real Work 2-Gallon Polyethylene-Tank Sprayer features a durable polyethylene tank and a commercial-grade hose. The sprayer includes a pressure-relief valve and is suitable for use with bleach-containing cleaners.

  • Applies copper sulfate solutions to plants, concrete, pond shorelines, wood and many other areas.
  • Product Type: Pest/Weed/Fungus Control Applicator
  • 2-Gal. capacity
  • Pressure-relief valve helps to prevent over-pressurization of the sprayer for safety
  • Poly flow control with a lock-on feature helps to minimize hand tiring
  • Semi-transparent polyethylene tank allows you to see tank contents
  • Shoulder straps for easy carrying
  • High-efficiency, chemical-resistant pump for long life
  • Flexible hose
  • Polymer wand is chemical resistant
  • Controller
  • Fully adjustable nozzles
  • Comes with labels to list contents and apply to tanks
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