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copper sulfate fine 50lb texture shot

Copper Sulfate Fine 50lb Bag

SKU: Cuso4Fine-EPA50



Our 99% pure copper sulfate pentahydrate fine is manufactured in the USA. The granulation size is similar to sand and is referred to as copper sulfate fine crystals on the market.  Customers find these fine crystals are very easy to dissolve in water.  The copper sulfate powder is perfect for spraying a copper sulfate solution onto your water body, like large lakes, to kill algae or to use as a root killer or killing roots in a septic system.  We also have some farmers use a certain amount of copper sulfate in a foot bath to kill hoof rot in their cattle and horses.  Shipped in a box by FedEx Ground. 


Are you trying to make a bordeux mixture?  Take a look at our Calcium Hydroxide 50lb Bag product to help you accomplish this.  Looking to spray copper sulfate onto your water body to kill algae?  We have a 2 Gallon Hand Pump Sprayer to help you!  Looking for a slightly larger sized granule than what the powder is?  Take a look at our Copper Sulfate Mini 50lb Bag!


EPA Reg. No. 46923-4    EPA EST. No.  46923-NJ-1

Made in the USA!!


(product sold in California under Earthworkshealth Pesticide Broker License #40217)


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