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copper sulfate fine 50lb texture shot

Copper Sulfate Fine 50lb Bag

SKU: Cuso4Fine-EPA50

Our pure Copper Sulfate Fine is manufactured in the USA. The granulation size is similar to sand. Shipped in a box by FedEx Ground.  Are you trying to make a bordeux mixture?  Take a look at our Calcium Hydroxide 50lb Bag product to help you accomplish this.  Looking to spray copper sulfate onto your water body to kill algae?  We have a 2 Gallon Hand Pump Sprayer to help you!  Looking for a slightly larger sized granule than what the powder is?  Take a look at our Copper Sulfate Mini 50lb Bag!


EPA Reg. No. 46923-4    EPA EST. No.  46923-NJ-1

Made in the USA!!


(Sold in California under Earthworkshealth Pesticide Broker License #40217)

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