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copper sulfate mini 50lb bag texture

Copper Sulfate Mini 50lb Bag

SKU: Cuso4Mini-EPA50

Our 99% pure Copper Sulfate pentahydrate Mini Crystals 50 lb bag is manufactured by Quimag. Shipped in a box by FedEx ground within the lower 48 states of the United States.  Granulation is about the size of coffee grounds and is slightly smaller than our copper sulfate small crystal.  With the active ingredient being copper this product is perfect for stopping plant growth, like algae and tree roots, in lakes and septic systems.  Looking for a slightly larger size than coffee grounds?  We have 3-5mm copper sulfate!  Take a look at our Copper Sulfate Small 50lb Bag!


EPA Reg. 073385-Mex-001

(Sold in California under Earthworkshealth Pesticide Broker License #40217) 

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