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prep powder for copper sulfate

2lb Etchers Plate Prep Powder


2lb Etchers Plate Prep Powder is a compound which is used to safely and non-toxicly degrease and prepare the metal surface for etching. It leaves no residues that some degreasers and cleaners do, these cleaners can cause the ground not to stick to the plate leaving unwanted bites or they block the bite from an area you wanted to be etch with copper sulfate. These products ALSO require more work cleaning off the cleaner/degreaser residues.  This problem is solved with Etchers Plate Prep Powder, simply mix with a small amount of water, apply to plate while using a cleaning pad and rinse with water (no need to scrub during the rinse process). Etchers Plate Prep Powder is also safe to flush the used mixture down the drain.  


It is a blend of a safe natural compounds that benefit the process of preparing an etching plate. You just mix 2 tablespoons (TBSP) with a small amount of water into a small cup (the mixture should be pasty rather than runny). You will notice that the mixture is fizzing and reacting this is ok there is NO TOXIC GASES OR REACTIONS. Pour the mixture onto the plate and use a cleaning pad or brillo pad to scrub the plate. Wash the plate with water afterwards and let dry on a hot plate or air dry. 

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