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copper sulfate etching texture

10lb Ready Etch


Just add 1/2 gallon (64 fl. oz.) of water for every pound of this 10lb Ready Etch batch!


Ready Etch is a formulation of copper sulfate and other safe ingredients which help suspend the erroded material out of the chemicaly bitten marks (exposed groves) of the plate. Ready Etch increases the productivity of the solution and keeps the area that you are trying to etch free from build up that occurs during the bath dip and increases the life time of the solution.


If you are looking for a size smaller than this please go to our 4lb ready etch product page.  If you are looking for something a little more bulk please go to out 50lb ready etch product page.


Our product will save you time, money and headaches that are a side affect of other products or formulations. Make life a little simpler where you can. Start here--buy Ready Etch for your project.

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