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Copper Sulfate Pond Algae Control
is the most widely used and economical algae control available. Copper Sulfate pond algae control and lake algae control is 
particularly outstanding for controlling weeds in the mid-growth stage (filaments of approximately 1 cm long), when algae most resemble grass clippings.

Static water usually requires less Copper Sulfate than flowing water. The harder the water or the greater the algae concentration, the higher the required dose of Copper Sulfate. If floating mats of green algae are present, it is advisable to especially treat the surface of these mats for best control. Algae will absorb the Copper Sulfate within hours after treatment, and death should be evident within 3 to 5 days. If there is some doubt about the concentration to apply, it is generally preferable to begin with a lower dose and increase the dose until the algae are killed. (A few algae species are resistant to Copper Sulfate and may not be killed.) Repeat treatments within a season may be needed to keep algae under control to the desired level.

When to Apply: Early treatment is essential for most satisfactory algae control at the lowest dosage levels. Early growth is usually confined to shallower shore areas. Begin treatment when not over 5 to 10 percent of the water surface area is covered with algae growths which is usually nearest the shoreline. Delaying treatment until heavy algae growths are present usually requires a higher dose and may result in fish distress or death since rapid decomposition of heavy growths greatly reduces the oxygen content of the water. Several repeat treatments are usually necessary to control algae each season.

Spot treatments of one quarter of the pond over three to four day intervals may lower algae densities without consuming all the dissolved oxygen. Treatments can be combined with spray or bubble aeration to alleviate low oxygen problems. The recommendation is to treat less than one half of a water body at a time to help reduce the potential for fish kills. Treat the remainder of the pond at three-to-four-day intervals.


Algae Control for Ponds & Lakes

Apply Copper Sulfate Crystals EPA Label at a rate of about 0.6lb-5.5lb per acre-foot of water, most commonly a 2.75lb rate is used. An acre-foot is 43,560 square feet in area x 1 foot deep. The number of acre feet is calculated by determining the number of surface acres of water and multiplying by the average depth of the entire pond. Average depth is determined by measuring pond depth at several different locations with a string attached to a weight. Add all measurements and divide by the number of readings collected. Accuracy will be increased by taking measurements from as many different locations as practical.

Total Alkalinity*


Copper Sulfate Applied


Below 20

Copper sulfate should not be used











Above 200

Effectiveness of copper sulfate is greatly reduced

*Swimming pool supply companies usually carry an affordable kit that will test total alkalinity.

 Put the crystals in a porous bag and drag it through the water until the crystals dissolve. Use an empty milk jug as a float to keep the bag near the surface. Copper Sulfate EPA Label can also be applied by just broadcasting over the water and letting it sink. Apply in early spring prior to formation of matted growth. Chemical treatment works best when the water temperature is between 60°F and 80°F and algae clumps are broken up during chemical application. Avoid treating when the water temperature is above 80°F and treat only 1/4 to 1/3 of the vegetation at a time to prevent oxygen depletion and a possible fish kill.

Other Ways To Measure & Apply Copper Sulfate To Ponds/Lakes

Being able to calculate the approximet gallon content of your lake or pond is alway helpful when preparing for any type of water treatment, and some methods of doing so are easier for others so here are some simple calculations you can use to do so.

If The Lake/Pond is an Exact Square or Rectangle

  • Length x Width x Depth x 7.48 = Gallons

If The Pond is an Exact Circle

  • 3.14 x Radius x Radius x Depth x 7.48 = Gallons

If A Pond is Irregularly Shaped

  • Average Length x Average Width x Average Depth x 7.48 = Gallons

The amount of copper sulfate should never go above 2.0 ppm.

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All of the sizes of EPA and NON EPA labeled Copper Sulfate that we sell are the same chemically---100% Copper Sulfate (CuSo4)---the  difference is the label:

All of the 50 Pounds bags with EPA Label that we sell have an EPA approved number on the bag.  There are full instructions on the bag to do all that our site talks about.  These products are to be purchased if you plan on using the Copper Sulfate for Algae Control, Killing Roots, Fungicide or Bordeaux Mix.

All sizes of Copper Sulfate that do NOT have the EPA label on them have NO CLAIMS for Algae Control, Killing Roots, Fungicide, or Bordeaux Mix.  If you are purchasing any of these NON EPA labeled products, it is just simply labeled "Copper Sulfate - Feed Grade" or "Copper Sulfate - Ag Grade" and is to be used for the dozens of other non-EPA uses for Copper Sulfate listed under our "Other Uses" page.

When placing an order, the purchaser acknowledges they have taken full responsibility to check and follow local, state and federal regulations regarding application of copper sulfate.  Also, the purchaser assumes responsibility to follow proper handling and safety requirements for the product. The seller is not to be held accountable for any incidents of bodily or environmental harm due to improper handling.