Copper Sulfate Foot Bath for Livestock
  Copper Sulfate for Foot Bath & Treatment of Foot Rot in Sheep & Cattle

Copper Sulfate Foot Bath for livestock: For Foot Bath, Copper Sulfate can be used in a 5% to 10% solution (by weight) with immersion 3 or 4 times per week or for a period of time as prescribed by your veterinarian. The Copper Sulfate foot bath solution should be changed every 150 to 200 cows depending on the concentration of copper sulfate, use of a pre-bath, and comtamination of the bath.  Determine the volume of the hoof bath and calculate the amount of Copper Sulfate carefully.  Do not use more Copper Sulfate than is recommended by your veterinarian.  By placing a clean water bath in front of the treatment bath, the animals will clean their hoofs to some extent and keep the hoof bath effective for a longer period of time.  If your veterinarian recommends hoof bath, use as an aid in the treatment of foot rot in cattle.  Hoof baths should only be part of an overall program that includes proper nutrition, regular hoof trimming, and hoof injury prevention.  Keep animals out of wet, muddy or stony areas where hoofs can soften and be injured.

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NOTE:  Animals should not drink Copper Sulfate solution or eat the Copper Sulfate itself. Please go to our Copper Deficient Livestock Page for information on supplementing livestock with copper sulfate if you wish to do so.

CAUTION:  Sheep have a low tolerance for copper.  Use extreme caution when employing Copper Sulfate in hoof baths for sheep to insure they do not drink the solution.

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