Copper, A Key Mineral For Life Sustaining Organisms
And How Copper Sulfate Plays A Role

Copper is needed to sustain life -  human, animal or plant. Most living cells in us created by the good Lord himself experiences the benefits of copper or is reliant on copper for proper functionality. The purity of our copper sulfate makes it one of the best supplemental copper additives for soil and livestock. 

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Listed below is a brief summary of the information you will find in the listed Copper Deficiency sub pages. For more information on these topics please follow the links that are related to your need(s).


  • Farmers that observe copper deficiencies are almost always managers striving for optimal yields. Their fertility management often includes manure and above average rates of fertilizer application. In many instances, their first indication of copper deficiency are crops with yield and quality consistently below expectations.
  • A copper deficiency can result in early aging or lowered levels of chlorophyll, which leads to yield reductions that go unnoticed if the deficiency is not severe.
  • Many symptoms of copper deficiency may be confused with frost damage, insect damage, diseases and herbicide injury. Some herbicide/cereal interactions have been documented on copper deficient soils.



  • Marginal to severe copper deficiency in cattle is widespread across the United States.
    • Forage surveys conducted across the United States overwhelmingly reveal forage samples that are marginally to severely deficient in copper
  • It is widely known that copper deficiency in cattle results in reduced reproductive efficiency and performance.
    • Reproductive problems cost beef producers about $15.00 per cow per year. This translates into $750 per year for a 50-cow herd.
  • Copper is needed by a variety of key systems in the body.
    •  Some signs are decreased conception rates; increased days open; hoof problems; depressed immunity; anemia; reduced growth rate and, in some cases, diarrhea......
  • Proper copper nutrition is essential for a healthy immune system in cattle.
  • Do not skimp on mineral supplementation during spring and summer months when forage quality is good. Remember that most soils are deficient in copper so the forages grown on those soils will be deficient too.